Adaptation notes

All translations will lose information and nuance, and add assumptions and inferences of their own. Most translations of manga will suffer from some degree of technical problems such as text being placed into the wrong word bubbles, dialogue being attributed to the wrong character, and text being entirely lost due to mechanical error.

To catalogue all changes between an adaptation and its original source is a Sisyphean task. However, it can be interesting to note when an adaptation has made an especially large deviance (intended or accidental) from the original text, or when it has made errors that contradict its own presentation of the material.

Please find below a list of chapters which have additional information about changes made by an adaptation. This list is by no means exhaustive, and you are welcome to add information to any chapter about changes made a licensed translation. Please note that no changes are being catalogued regarding fan or otherwise unlicensed adaptations.

Manga chapters (Viz)