Koko Kara Dou Suru?

What Do We Do From Here?
Title Title (Romaji)
ここからどうする? Koko Kara Dou Suru?
Mangaka Mangaka (Romaji)
三池ろむこ Romuco Miike (Miike Romuko)
Imprint Imprint (Romaji)
ディアプラス・コミックス Dear+ Comics
Publisher Publisher (Romaji)
新書館 Shinshokan
ISBN Publication Date
4403662129 2008 June 30
Jacket Copy
A dignified air, his back straight-- These times across the goban from Shiraki, I love them the best. But whenever he faces me like that, I get all worked up thinking about him...!?

The teenage romance of two who are inexperienced in love!

In addition to the title series, the stories "I've Always Been Waiting", "The Beautiful Days", and "Magnificent World" are also included.

About this manga

Koko Kara Dou Suru? is the story of two teenage go players falling in love. Shiraki is a serious-minded young man who is determined to follow in his relative's footsteps and become a pro player. Asanuma is a vibrant, playful fellow whose only focus is his rival, who he is finding he must desperately chase if he doesn't want to be left behind.

As a fan of Hikaru no Go it's hard not to draw parallels over certain details: needing to switch positions at a tournament to try and play your rival, the despair of realizing your rival's set his sights far above you, reading your rival's emotions through his kifu--even the pursuer's fan and the pro-to-be's terrible mother-inflicted fashion sense ring familiar bells.

Selected quotes

As translated by H2O:

"Just when I thought I'd finally been able to stand next to him instead of facing against him, I realized that this guy standing next to me has eyes that look only ever on ahead."

"And even if I were right before him, I wouldn't be the one reflected in his eyes."

"I was so desperate to see every facet of you that I overlooked one thing: it's times when you play go that I like the best."

English-language availability

This manga has not been licensed for an English-language release.