Manga: Game 001

棋聖降臨 Descent of the Go Master
Title (Romaji)
Kisei Kourin
Title (Viz)
Descent of the Go Master
Title (Tonkam)
Résurrection d'un génie du go
Page Count
51 pages, 4 colour
Weekly Shounen Jump
1999 No. 2・3
Featured on the cover
Collected Releases
Tankoubon: 01
Kanzenban: 01
Bunko: 01

This chapter takes place in December of 1998.

Material from this chapter was adapted into the anime episode Game 1.


Shindou Hikaru finds an old goban in his grandfather's storehouse. He can see upon it stains that no one else can see, and upon touching it can hear a voice no one else can hear. He passes out, and when he wakes up he is haunted by Fujiwara no Sai, the ghost of a Heian-era go instructor.

Upon Sai's urging, Hikaru attempts to play a game of go against his grandfather and is thoroughly confused by Sai's instructions.

Hikaru discovers that Sai's knowledge of history can help him in school, and in return decides to learn the basics of go.

Detailed Synopsis


  • Hikaru is in class 6-1 in an unnamed elementary school.
  • Shindou Heihachi has won many awards for amateur go, including one for winning the Third Neighbourhood Go Tournament.
  • Hikaru has a small CRT TV in his room, and many issues of Weekly Shounen Jump in his bookcase.


Black White Result
Sugawara no Akitada Fujiwara no Sai B+
Shindou Heihachi Shindou Hikaru (Fujiwara no Sai) Not completed

Appearing or Referenced

6-1 Homeroom Teacher
6-1 Student (G182)
Akota Suesaburou
Fujisaki Akari
Fujiwara no Sai
Igo Class Student (G149)
Kurata Atsushi
Ogata Seiji
Shindou Heihachi
Shindou Hikaru
Shindou Mitsuko
Shirakawa Michio
Sugawara no Akitada
Touya Kouyou
Shindou Heihachi's storehouse
Shindou Hikaru's elementary school
Heian court
Shindou Heihachi's residence
Shindou residence
Community centre