Manga: Game 008

負けようか? Want Me to Lose?
Title (Romaji)
Makeyou ka?
Title (Viz)
Want Me to Lose?
Title (Tonkam)
Tu veux que je perde ?
Page Count
19 pages
Weekly Shounen Jump
1999 No. 11
Collected Releases
Tankoubon: 02
Kanzenban: 01
Bunko: 01

This chapter takes place in January of 1999.

Material from this chapter was adapted into the anime episode Game 4.


Kaga disparages Touya Akira and says Touya lost to him. Hikaru demands to know why he hates Touya.

Kaga challenges Hikaru to a shell game, ostensibly hiding a white go stone in one of his hands. If Hikaru wins, Kaga will tell Hikaru. If Hikaru fails, Kaga will put out a cigarette on Hikaru's hand.

Hikaru doesn't shirk from the penalty threat and chooses a hand. Since Kaga disappeared the stone using sleight of hand, Hikaru fails, but Kaga admires his moxie.

Hikaru gets angry at being cheated, and says that's why Touya lost to him.

Incensed, Kaga challenges Hikaru to a game of go. If Hikaru wins, Kaga will prostrate himself before Hikaru. If Kaga wins, Hikaru will have to jump into the freezing winter pool. Hikaru accepts, and Sai plays through Hikaru.

Kaga remembers the go class his father sent him to as a child, and meeting Touya there. Kaga's father demanded that Kaga win for once against Touya Akira, or to not bother coming home. Touya had overheard the conversation, and offered to Kaga to lose to him. Kaga won against Touya for the first time, and then was no longer forced by his father to attend the go class.

Hikaru finally spies Akari at the festival, and in his distraction places a stone incorrectly. Sai chides him, and Kaga asks him if he wants to give up.


Black White Result
Shindou Hikaru (Fujiwara no Sai) Kaga Tetsuo in progress
Kaga Tetsuo Touya Akira B+1.5

Appearing or Referenced

Fujisaki Akari
Fujiwara no Sai
Kaga Tetsuo
Kaga Tetsuo's father
Touya Akira
Tsutsui Kimihiro
Haze Middle School