Manga: Game 013

おまえとは打たない I'm Not Going to Play You
Title (Romaji)
Omae to wa Utanai
Title (Viz)
I'm Not Going to Play You
Title (Tonkam)
Je n'irai plus jouer avec toi
Page Count
19 pages
Weekly Shounen Jump
1999 No. 16
Collected Releases
Tankoubon: 02
Kanzenban: 02
Bunko: 01

This chapter takes place in April of 1999.

Material from this chapter was adapted into the anime episode Game 7.


Hikaru begins his spring at Haze Middle School. Students are discussing which clubs to join, and mention the club posters on the bulletin board.

Two members of the basketball club see the go club poster taking up prime real estate and tear it down.

Hikaru comes tearing out of the boys' washroom and berates them, brandishing the toilet mop. Akari manages to still Hikaru, and Tsutsui comes by to see what all the fuss is about. Hikaru complains, and the basketball club members say that no one's going to go to the go club.

Kaga shows up, comments that the basketball team is pretty strong, ntoes that the go club is in big trouble, but that the shogi club is doing just great. He says that Hikaru's always welcome to join the shogi club.

Akari and Hikaru clean up the mess Hikaru made while Tsutsui repairs the poster. Tsutsui notes that Tamako-sensei gave the club a goban and a set of stones she wasn't using, and invited them to use the science room.

Hikaru and Tsutsui decide to work hard on recruiting more members to become an officially recognized club. Akari declares she will too, and Hikaru gives her a hard time about it.

Outside the front gate, Akira is dropped off by Ichikawa. She offers to wait for him, but he says he'll take the bus instead.

Akira draws attention from the other students due to his Kaiou uniform. He asks around to see if anyone knows where Shindou Hikaru or the go club are. He doesn't get any help; no one knows about Shindou Hikaru or anything about a go club, though some members of the baseball club do mention the shogi club. It's not until Akira runs into Tamako-sensei in the parking lot that he gets the information he needs, though he's horrified to discover that they're located in the science room instead of a club room.

Tsutsui and Hikaru reminisce about the tournament, and feel optimistic about the future. Tsutsui tells Akari about Hikaru's ability to play extraordinarily well under pressure (when Sai plays through him), and she laughs at his current poor play. Incensed, Hikaru yells at her, drawing Akira's attention as he approaches the outside window to the science room.

Akira calls out to Hikaru, and asks him why a person like him is in his school's go club. He asks if Hikaru will return to the go salon, says that he himself is usually always there, and that no matter who he plays, he's consumed with thoughts of Hikaru and how Hikaru would play in response to Akira's moves. Akira's improved his devotion to his studies in order not to play embarrassing moves the next time they meet. He says he came to tell Hikaru that he's waiting for him.

Tsutsui's a little taken aback, since he quite reasonably assumes that he's overestimating Hikaru.

Hikaru says he won't play Akira, and that instead he's going to work hard with Tsutsui and the go club and play in the next tournament.

Akira protests, but Hikaru shuts the window and closes the curtain on him. Tsutsui approaches him, Sai is concerned, and Hikaru is resolved that he's going to make Akira wait until Hikaru can catch up to him.

Akira wonders why Hikaru won't play him. He knows that Hikaru doesn't fear him, because he's the one afraid of Hikaru. He remembers Hikaru's intention to play in the tournament, and resolves that he will as well.

The Kaiou go club is filled with rumours that Touya Akira will be joining the go club. People are upset and concerned because Akira will be a disruptive influence as a brand-new first year who will surely knock the third-year club president Kishimoto aside.

Adaptation Notes

  • The Viz adaptation incorrectly has Tsutsui referring to the science teacher who lends materials to the go club as "Kumako Sensei". The original text refers to her as 「タマ子先生」 (Tamako-sensei), which could have been misread by the translator as 「クマ子先生」 (Kumako-sensei).


Black White Result
Shindou Hikaru Tsutsui Kimihiro W+

Appearing or Referenced

Fujisaki Akari
Fujiwara no Sai
Ichikawa Harumi
Kaga Tetsuo
Shindou Hikaru
Touya Akira
Tsutsui Kimihiro
Winter Term Tournament Head Judge
Haze Middle School
Kaiou Middle School