Manga: Game 014

上には上 Better Than the Best
Title (Romaji)
Ue ni wa Ue
Title (Viz)
Better Than the Best
Title (Tonkam)
Il y a toujours plus fort que soi
Page Count
20 pages, 3 colour
Weekly Shounen Jump
1999 No. 17
Featured on the cover
Collected Releases
Tankoubon: 02
Kanzenban: 02
Bunko: 01

This chapter takes place in April of 1999.

Material from this chapter was adapted into the anime episode Game 7.


The senpai in the Kaiou go club are restless, anticipating Touya Akira's appearance. Akira arrives late, and now that everyone's is present, Yun-sensei introduces the seventeen new first-year members and encourages everyone to work hard towards the June tournament.

Yun-sensei asks all of the students to return to their games, and looks for an opponent for Akira. A third-year student named Miwa volunteers to play him, but Yun-sensei turns him down; Miwa thinks it's so that he doesn't lose face by losing to a first-year.

Yun-sensei decides to play Akira himself. Yun-sensei discusses the state of go amongst Japanese and Korean children; at first he felt disappointed, as go is very popular in Korea and many students attend private classes. However, after starting his new job at Kaiou last year, he found that the children here are just as good. That said, there's someone better than the best. Akira, assuming Yun-sensei is talking about him, blushes and begins to demur. However, Yun-sensei is talking about Shindou Hikaru of Haze Middle School, who played in the middle school team tournament. Since the Kaiou team graduated, Yun-sensei states he's the only one to remember him. Akira says that he was there as well, and remembers Hikaru's committment to playing in the next tournament. Yun-sensei says that Akira may perhaps be able to beat him. Akira says that is his intention.

Yun-sensei ends their game. He tells Akira about club activities. A group of first-year girls approach Yun-sensei to ask Akira to play shidougo with them. Yun-sensei begins to chide them but Akira says he doesn't mind. Hidaka Yuri interrupts, saying that as a third-year, shouldn't she go first? She attempts to be charming, but Akira had already committed to the first-years and tells Hidaka that she can play him another time.

Meanwhile at the Haze go club, Hikaru is now able to hold and place stones correctly. He and Tsutsui, with interjections from Akari, think about how to find more recruits for the club. Akari expresses an interest in joining. Hikaru immediately attempts to shoot her down, but begrudgingly obeys Tsutsui and Sai when they urge him to be more welcoming. Hikaru sets up an atari and asks Akari how she should play to prevent her stone being captured. Instead of extending, she illegally moves her existing stone out of the maw of the black stones, inciting Hikaru's frustration.


Black White Result
Touya Akira Yun not completed
Shindou Hikaru Tsutsui Kimihiro not completed

Appearing or Referenced

Fujisaki Akari
Fujiwara no Sai
Hidaka Yuri
Kaiou Middle Go Club Member (G020)
Kaiou Middle Go Club Member (G021)
Kaiou Middle Go Club Member (G022)
Kaiou Middle Go Club Member (G023)
Nakai (Kaiou Middle School student)
Shindou Hikaru
Touya Akira
Tsutsui Kimihiro
Yamada (Kaiou Middle School student)
Kaiou Middle School
Haze Middle School