Manga: Game 015

マネ碁 Mirror Go
Title (Romaji)
Title (Viz)
Mirror Go
Title (Tonkam)
Le jeu en miroir
Page Count
21 pages
Weekly Shounen Jump
1999 No. 18
Collected Releases
Tankoubon: 02
Kanzenban: 02
Bunko: 01

This chapter takes place in April of 1999.

Material from this chapter was adapted into the anime episode Game 8.


Hikaru is in a bookstore buying a manga comic, a manga magazine, and a copy of the Touya Meijin tsumego collection Kaga won and destroyed at the Haze Middle School festival. Sai is happy, and suggests Hikaru buy an introductory go book for Akari. Hikaru blows him off, saying she can't tell the difference between Othello and go.

Hikaru, worried about getting home before he gets into trouble, looks around for a clock. He finds one, and Sai points out the newsticker next to it, which announces that Touya Meijin acquired in the Juudan tournament his fourth title. Sai thinks that Touya Meijin is ascending higher and higher, and Hikaru wonders how Touya Akira is doing.

Akira is at the Kaiou go club studying a game. Other club members talk about him behind his back, but no one dares to go talk to him.

Yun-sensei approaches Akira and offers his congratulations to Akira's father for his new title. Akira thanks him, but Yun-sensei thinks Akira's a surprisingly cool and indifferent son.

Akira is consumed with thoughts of Hikaru, and reflects that he only joined the Kaiou go club to play him. Akira is training himself in preparation, and thinks he'll find the Hand of God he's aiming for in pursuit of Hikaru.

Aoki, a third-year student, wins his current match and then goes to challenge Akira to a game. The older students are alarmed and concerned. Okumura, a first-year new to the club, asks a senpai to explain what's going on. Aoki is the third strongest in the go club, and stands to lose his position as third-board now that Akira is here. The other students like Aoki, describing him as a kind person who helps others and has not yet lost a game, and understand that Aoki's settling things publicly so that the other members can't complain when Aoki loses his third-board position.

The game is quick; Aoki resigns. He thanks Touya for the game and leaves. Okumura is troubled by the negative atmosphere, and abandons his current game to go and challenge Akira to a game. His strategy is simple: start the game by playing tengen, then use Akira's own strength against him by mirroring his moves.

Other club members think Okumura is an idiot for challenging Akira and refusing a handicap, but he is confident.

On the eleventh move, Akira recognizes Okumura's play as a mirror strategy. Okumura knows he's been made, but he's confident it doesn't matter because he's already claimed the centre and no matter what Akira chooses to do, Okumura can do exactly the same back to him.



Black White Result
Touya Kouyou unknown B+R
Aoki Touya Akira W+R
Okumura Touya Akira in progress

Appearing or Referenced

Fujiwara no Sai
Kaiou Middle Go Club Member (G020)
Nakai (Kaiou Middle School student)
Shindou Hikaru
Touya Akira
Kaiou Middle School