Manga: Kanzenban: 01

Volume 1
ISBNPublication Date
40878220602009 February 04
Language Publisher ISBN Publication Date Adapted By
Chinese (TW)Tong Li97898610655882011 February 1柯明鈺
Chapter Name Name (Viz)
第1局 棋聖降臨 Descent of the Go Master
第2局 はるかな高み From a Level Beyond
第3局 死活の急所 Matters of Life and Death
第4局 許せない暴言 Inexcusable
第5局 牙を剝くアキラ Akira Bares His Fangs
第6局 一刀両断 A Decisive Blow
第7局 詰碁三題 Three Problems of Life and Death
第8局 負けようか? Want Me to Lose?
第9局 大将・副将・三将 First, Second and Third
Super GO Players
CharacterShindo Hikaru
TitleThe HEIR
DescriptionThis story begins at one spring day when a naughty boy meets a beautiful ghost on a most old GO board ...
AccessoriesSchool Bag, Notebook
Inside Cover Quotes & Games
Viz TranslationHikaru... let's play again 6 months from now...
Game DepictedShindou Heihachi vs. Shindou Hikaru (Fujiwara no Sai)
Quote僕の力量を計っている‼ はるかな高みからー
Viz TranslationHe's testing my strength... From a level way beyond me...
Game DepictedShindou Hikaru (Fujiwara no Sai) vs. Touya Akira