Manga: Kanzenban: 03

Volume 3
ISBNPublication Date
40878220872009 March 04
Language Publisher ISBN Publication Date Adapted By
Chinese (TW)Tong Li97898610656012011 April 12游若琪
Chapter Name Name (Viz)
第20局 3人目のメンバー The Third Member
第21局 最も卑劣な行為 A Very Despicable Act
第22局 本因坊秀策 Hon'inbo Shusaku
第23局 筒井の懸念 Kimihiro's Concern
第24局 海王の三将 Kaio's Third
第25局 前哨戦 Preliminary Scrimmage
第26局 おまえ打て You Play Him
第27局 3度目の対局 Third Face-off
第28局 神の幻影 Divine Vision
第29局 zelda Zelda
Super GO Players
CharacterToya Akira
DescriptionThe boy is the first person who finds the shadow of the ghost as a match player. That's how it all began.
AccessoriesGO-ke, Taikyoku Dokei, GO-ban
Inside Cover Quotes & Games
Quoteいいだろ ちょっと早いが 勉強させてやるよ 大人の碁を 一万円の授業料でな
Viz TranslationHmm... Even though you're still wet behind the ears, I'm gonna teach you a little something about how adults play go. And your tuition's only gonna be ¥10,000.
Game DepictedDake vs. Mitani Yuuki
Quote知りたいんだよ コイツとオレの差を!
Viz TranslationI want to know... ...the difference between me and him!
Game DepictedShindou Hikaru vs. Touya Akira