Manga: Kanzenban: 12

Volume 12
ISBNPublication Date
40878221762009 September 04
Language Publisher ISBN Publication Date Adapted By
Chinese (TW)Tong Li97898610755702011 September 13游若琪
Chapter Name Name (Viz)
第109局 toya koyo toya koyo
第110局 昂る心 Mounting Excitement
第111局 sai再び The Return of sai
第112局 sai vs toya koyo① sai vs. toya koyo: Part I
第113局 sai vs toya koyo② sai vs. toya koyo: Part II
第114局 sai vs toya koyo③ sai vs. toya koyo: Part III
第115局 sai vs toya koyo④ sai vs. toya koyo: Part IV
第116局 千年の答 One Thousand Years
第117局 発覚 Discovered
第118局 追及 Pursued
番外編 おごって♡和谷くん! Bonus: Your Treat, Waya!♥
Super GO Players
CharacterKurata Atsushi
Description"A natural born GO player" will be admitted into the GO Hall of Fame, also he himself doesn't have any doubt about that.
AccessoriesAutographed Sence
Inside Cover Quotes & Games
Quoteこれがsaiか たしかに 相手にとって不足なし!
Viz TranslationSo this is sai. Indeed... ...a worthy opponent!
Game Depictedtoya koyo vs. sai
Quote今 わかった 神は この一局をヒカルに見せるため私千年の時を長らえさせたのだ
Viz TranslationFinally, I understand. The go gods wanted Hikaru to see this match. That is why they made me endure this millennium.
Game Depictedtoya koyo vs. sai