Manga: Kanzenban: 13

Volume 13
ISBNPublication Date
40878221842009 October 02
Language Publisher ISBN Publication Date Adapted By
Chinese (TW)Tong Li97898610794242011 September 22莊湘萍
Chapter Name Name (Viz)
第119局 力試し A Test of Strength
第120局 一色碁 One-Color Go
第121局 塔矢行洋引退! Toya Koyo Retires!
第122局 ヒカルのばかっ Stupid Hikaru
第123局 消えたくない!!! I Do Not Wish to Disappear!!!
第124局 さよなら Sayonara
第125局 佐為が消えた? Sai Disappears
第126局 佐為をたずねて Searching for Sai
第127局 広島最強棋士 Hiroshima's Top Go Player
第128局 最後の手がかり The Last Clue
Super GO Players
CharacterKuwabara Honinbo
TitleThe ELDER
DescriptionAs a present holder of the Honinbo title, He shows great instinct to other players. He has a sharp insight, as himself says.
AccessoriesCigarette, Ashtray
Inside Cover Quotes & Games
Quote塔矢アキラ1人じゃなかった 下からオレを突き上げてくるのは もう1人いた!
Viz TranslationToya Akira's not the only one... He's not the only one pecking at my heels.... This boy's coming up too!
Game DepictedShindou Hikaru vs. Kurata Atsushi
Quote私の声とどいてる? ヒカル 楽しか―
Viz TranslationCan you hear me? Hikaru? I hope it's been a pleasure to...
Game DepictedShindou Hikaru vs. Fujiwara no Sai