Manga: Kanzenban: 19

Volume 19
ISBNPublication Date
40878222492010 April 02
Language Publisher ISBN Publication Date Adapted By
Chinese (TW)Tong Li97898610794862012 January 5莊湘萍
Chapter Name Name (Viz)
第170局 韓国棋院 The Korean Go Association
第171局 存在の証 Evidence of Existence
第172局 塔矢邸 The Toya Residence
第173局 大将は塔矢 Toya Will Be First
第174局 北斗杯会場へ Heading to the Hokuto Cup
第175局 秀英と永夏 Suyong and Yong Ha
第176局 挑発 Provocation
第177局 オレを大将にして! Let Me Play First!
第178局 中国vs日本① China vs. Japan: 1
第179局 中国vs日本② China vs. Japan: 2
第180局 中国vs日本③ China vs. Japan: 3
第181局 中国vs日本④ China vs. Japan: 4
Super GO Players
CharacterKo Yeong Ha
TitleThe PRIDE
DescriptionHe represents not only the future of Korean Go, but tomorrow of Go scene. He's the flag-bearer of gifted new generation.
Accessoriesrecord of games
Inside Cover Quotes & Games
Quote始まったぜ 戦いが
Viz TranslationThe battle has begun!
Game DepictedLù Lì vs. Touya Akira
Quoteこの碁を投了するのも立て直すのも ここにいるオレしかいない!
Viz TranslationWhether I want to resign or make a comeback is up to me. There's nobody else here to do it!
Game DepictedShindou Hikaru vs. Wàng Shìzhèn