Manga: Tankoubon: 03

Volume 3
Subtitle Subtitle (Viz)
前哨戦 Preliminary Scrimmage
Publisher ISBN Publication Date
Shueisha 4088727770 1999 October 09
Description (Viz)
Akira is beginning a new school year at Kaio Middle School. With his daunting reputation as the Toya Meijin's son, Akira finds he must prove himself to more than a few mean and jealous classmates. And with the help of upperclassman Yuri Hidaka, Akira finds the confidence to persevere in his hunt to beat Hikaru. Meanwhile, Hikaru is having a hard enough time just trying to find a third teammate to play in the Haze Middle School Go Club. A possible teammate arrives in the form of Yuki Mitani--but will he join their club or continue to swindle old timers for their pocket change?
Language Publisher ISBN Publication Date Adapted By
Chinese (CN)Tianjin Renmin Meishu97875305223702004邹宁
Chinese (TW)Tong Li9861126082unknownunknown
EnglishViz159116687X2005 February 02Andy Nakatani
FrenchTonkam28458025792003 March 29Yoshiaki Naruse
Julie Naruse
GermanCarlsen35517799372005 March 01Hirofumi Yamada
Cora Hartwig
IndonesianElex Media Komputindo97897920591992004 August 30unknown
KoreanDaiwon C.I.89709915142000 May 01unknown
Chapter Title Title (Viz)
第17局 囲碁部をでてけよ! Leave the Go Club!
第18局 アンタさえいなけりゃ If Only You Weren't Here
第19局 一局千円 ¥1,000 a Game
第20局 3人目のメンバー The Third Member
第21局 最も卑劣な行為 A Very Despicable Act
第22局 本因坊秀策 Hon'inbo Shusaku
第23局 筒井の懸念 Kimihiro's Concern
第24局 海王の三将 Kaio's Third
第25局 前哨戦 Preliminary Scrimmage