Manga: Tankoubon: 09

Volume 9
Subtitle Subtitle (Viz)
本戦開始 The Pro Test Begins
Publisher ISBN Publication Date
Shueisha 4088730224 2000 October 09
大人対策として街の碁会所に通うヒカルは、和谷、伊角も初めて入るという碁会所で、韓国の研究生・洪と対局することに。双方のプライドをかけた勝負の行方は…!? そしてプロ試験本戦で、ヒカルの特訓の成果が!!
Description (Viz)
Practicing at Go salons is turning out to be more fun than Hikaru thought. But at one salon he meets his match in Suyong Hong, a sullen 12-year-old who is studying for the pro test in his native Korea. By mistake, Hikaru insults Suyong, and now the only way they can settle their differences is by playing a grudge match!
Language Publisher ISBN Publication Date Adapted By
Chinese (CN)Tianjin Renmin Meishu97875305224312004邹宁
Chinese (TW)Tong Li9861126147unknownunknown
EnglishViz14215106692007 April 03Andy Nakatani
FrenchTonkam28458042612004 March 26Yoshiaki Naruse
Julie Naruse
GermanCarlsen35517799962006 October 31Hirofumi Yamada
Cora Hartwig
IndonesianElex Media Komputindo97897920660742005 February 28unknown
KoreanDaiwon C.I.89532069952001 April 06unknown
Chapter Title Title (Viz)
第70局 特訓!特訓‼ Training Is Fun!!
第71局 勝ってはならない You Mustn't Beat Him
第72局 4人 A Four-way Challenge
第73局 完璧な偶然 Sheer Luck
第74局 洪 秀英 Suyong Hong
第75局 勝者は1人 There Can Be Only One
第76局 オレの名は My Name Is...
第77局 本戦開始 The Pro Test Begins
第78局 連勝の波紋 Winning Streak