Manga: Tankoubon: 10

Volume 10
Subtitle Subtitle (Viz)
起死回生 Lifeline
Publisher ISBN Publication Date
Shueisha 408873047X 2000 December 09
プロ試験本戦で1敗のヒカルと全勝の伊角が遂に激突。プロになるために避けて通れぬこの一局は、思わぬ決着に…!? 一方、越智の指導碁を引き受けたアキラは、後に控える対ヒカル戦攻略のカギを越智に教え込むが…!?
Description (Viz)
The main round of the pro test has begun. Everyone's feeling the pressure, no one more so than Hikaru's friend Isumi, who has failed the test twice before. Fighting off his feelings of self-doubt, Isumi faces his next opponent, who turns out to be Hikaru. But a careless mistake lands the pair in an awkward position!
Language Publisher ISBN Publication Date Adapted By
Chinese (CN)Tianjin Renmin Meishu97875305224482004邹宁
Chinese (TW)Tong Li9861126155unknownunknown
EnglishViz14215106772007 August 07Andy Nakatani
FrenchTonkam28458045472004 May 28Yoshiaki Naruse
Julie Naruse
GermanCarlsen35517800052007 July 01Hirofumi Yamada
Cora Hartwig
IndonesianElex Media Komputindo97897920670262005 March 23unknown
KoreanDaiwon C.I.89532104022001 July 25unknown
Chapter Title Title (Viz)
第79局 ヒカルvs椿 Hikaru vs. Tsubaki
第80局 身代わり A Stand-in
第81局 慎重な一局 An Important Game
第82局 魔の一瞬 An Ill-Fated Moment
第83局 白星の行方 The Elusive Win
第84局 和谷vs越智 Waya vs. Ochi
第85局 起死回生 Lifeline
第86局 予断許さず You Never Know
第87局 この黒は誰? Who Played Black?