Manga: Tankoubon: 17

Volume 17
Subtitle Subtitle (Viz)
なつかしい笑顔 A Familiar Face
Publisher ISBN Publication Date
Shueisha 4088732685 2002 June 09
Description (Viz)
From the moment he began playing go, Hikaru relied on Sai's supernatural support. Now that his mentor has vanished into thin air, will he be able to handle the demands of life as a pro? Meanwhile, Hikaru's archrival Akira is playing so well even veteran players tremble at the mention of his name. And now, at long last, the two boys will play each other...
Language Publisher ISBN Publication Date Adapted By
Chinese (CN)Tianjin Renmin Meishu97875305225162004邹宁
Chinese (TW)Tong Li986113171Xunknownunknown
EnglishViz14215258522009 November 03Naoko Amemiya
FrenchTonkam284580461X2005 July 29Yoshiaki Naruse
Julie Naruse
GermanCarlsen35517800722008 October 01Hirofumi Yamada
IndonesianElex Media Komputindo97897920766602005 October 19unknown
ItalianPanini Comics97888834388682008 January 10Giacomo Calorio
KoreanDaiwon C.I.89532354562002 September 25unknown
Chapter Title Title (Viz)
第140局 決心 A Vow
第141局 復帰初戦 First Post-comeback Match
第142局 走り出した2人 Breaking into a Run
第143局 碁界鳴動 Rumblings in the World of Go
第144局 漸くこの日が Finally!
第145局 ヒカルvsアキラ Hikaru vs. Akira
第146局 ヒカルの碁 Hikaru's Go
第147局 ボクだけがわかる Only I Know
第148局 なつかしい笑顔 A Familiar Smile