Manga: Tankoubon: 23

Volume 23
Subtitle Subtitle (Viz)
あなたに呼びかけている Endgame
Publisher ISBN Publication Date
Shueisha 4088735048 2003 September 09
韓国戦で大将を任されたヒカルは、韓国の大将・高永夏と激突。アキラ、社も闘志を剥き出しにした打ち回しをみせる。緊迫の日韓戦の行方は!? 若き猛勇の棋士達が、意地と才能をぶつけ合う怒濤の「北斗杯編」、ここに完結!!
Description (Viz)
Hikaru is in the toughest battle of his life when he faces Ko Yong Ha, Korea's top player in the Hokuto Cup tournament. The stakes, however, aren't for personal glory but for something far deeper, something that differentiates a mere game from a way of life. Hikaru knows what this means to him, but will he understand what it means to the new wave of go players and, indeed, the game of go itself?
Language Publisher ISBN Publication Date Adapted By
Chinese (CN)Tianjin Renmin Meishu97875305240082004邹宁
Chinese (TW)Tong Li9861131604unknownunknown
EnglishViz14215282822011 May 03Naoko Amemiya
FrenchTonkam28458046792006 August 17Yoshiaki Naruse
Julie Naruse
GermanCarlsen35517801882010 AprilHirofumi Yamada
ItalianPanini Comics97888634644742009 September 27Giacomo Calorio
KoreanDaiwon C.I.895324661X2003 October 26unknown
Chapter Title Title (Viz)
第184局 日本vs韓国① Japan vs. Korea: 1
第185局 日本vs韓国② Japan vs. Korea: 2
第186局 日本vs韓国③ Japan vs. Korea: 3
第187局 日本vs韓国④ Japan vs. Korea: 4
第188局 終局]] Endgame
第189局 あなたに呼びかけている Calling Out to You
番外編① 藤原佐為vs塔矢アキラ Fujiwara no Sai vs. Akira Toya
番外編② 庄司くんっ!岡くんっ! Shoji! Oka!