How to Use

This template has two parameters: source type, and source location.

References are cited inline. This means that the reference comes immediately after the information is presented.


in the Ogata Seiji article, it is noted that he "smokes Lark cigarettes". This information was found in chapter 99 of the manga. To include this source as a reference, call the ref template immediately after making that statement.

Smokes Lark cigarettes.{{ref|manga|099}}

Permitted variables

Source Type Use Variable Example Usage Result
Manga chapter manga {{ref|manga|001}} 001
Manga round (volume 18) round {{ref|round|1}} R.1
Manga extra (volume 23) extra {{ref|extra|1}} X.1
Manga side story side {{ref|side|1}}
Page in Gorgeous☆Characters Guide gorgeous {{ref|gorgeous|001}} ☆001
Anime episode anime {{ref|anime|01}} 01
External link link {{ref|link|http://gogohikago.com}} *