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About GoGoHikaGo!

GoGoHikaGo! is dedicated chiefly to cataloguing persons, locations, games, and events depicted in the series Hikaru no Go.


This site is also home to transcripts of the series, information about officially-licensed merchandise and other tie-in materials, information about commercially-published unofficial doujinshi anthologies. To a lesser degree, information is also available about the game of go, and other manga and anime which prominently feature go.

This site does not currently catalogue any information about the fandom or fanworks, with the exception of links to major fandom websites (not personal sites), and information about commercially published doujinshi anthologies (not doujinshi independently self-published by individual circles).

About MediaWiki

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How to use MediaWiki

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GoGoHikaGo!-specific guidance

This site makes use of templates and transclusion, including labeled section transclusion in order to minimise required manual labour and maximise unification of styling across the wiki. Many templates have documentation explaining usage and showing examples.

Cite references

Wherever possible, cite the source of information you are adding so that users may easily check for themselves. This is done inline through use of the ref template. Information on how to use this template can be found on the ref template page.