Hikaru no Go

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Hikaru no Go (Hikaru's Go) is a manga series which ran in Weekly Shounen Jump. It was written by Hotta Yumi and drawn by Obata Takeshi, with Umezawa Yukari providing supervision regarding the go. It was edited by Takahashi Masana (chapters 1 through 157) and Yoshida Kouji (from chapter 158 through to the end).


The story follows Shindou Hikaru, a directionless young boy with no particular talents, who one day discovers an old goban stained with blood only he can see. From then on he is haunted by the spirit of Fujiwara no Sai, former Heian era go instructor to the Emperor, who now wants nothing more than to continue playing go. Hikaru is uninterested in the game, but is quickly persuaded by Sai to act as his proxy, with Hikaru placing the stones on his behalf. Hikaru meets and plays Touya Akira, the brilliant and sedulous son of Japan's preeminent go professional Touya Kouyou. Akira is struck by the skill with which Hikaru plays, unaware that Hikaru is simply obeying Sai's instructions on where to place the pieces. Interest piqued, Hikaru begins to explore the world of go and is impressed with the passion, intensity, and sincerity with which others pursue the game, and decides to learn how to play for himself. He has a tremendous affinity for the game, and having finally found something to be passionate about, he works diligently to improve himself. He aspires to follow in Akira's footsteps and become a professional go player, and along the way he meets, is inspired by, and in turn inspires countless others on his journey to making himself into an equal match for his rival.


Hikaru no Go has been adapted into the following media:

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