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Hotta Yumi submitted her original storyboards for a series called Kokonotsu no Hoshi to the second Story King event covered in the 1998 double-issue 37/38 of the comics magazine Weekly Shounen Jump, wherein she won best storyboard.

Having caught the eye of the editors, Hotta developed her ideas further and was was paired with Obata Takeshi, who would be the artist for the new series.

Hikaru no Go debuted in 1999 in double-issue 2/3, and concluded in 2003 in issue 33. It is comprised of two arcs: the Sai arc (chapters 1 through 148), and the Hokuto Cup arc (chapters 149 through 189).

Including side-stories and extras, Hikaru no Go spans 4,233 pages, of which 136 are full colour.



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