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{{transcript speaker|Kawai}}
{{transcript speaker|Kawai}}
{{transcript ja}}
{{transcript ja}}
{{transcript en|Whaddaya mean you came to tell lus you made it to the pros?! We already know <em>that</em>!}}
{{transcript en|Whaddaya mean you came to tell us you made it to the pros?! We already know <em>that</em>!}}
{{transcript speaker|Kawai}}
{{transcript speaker|Kawai}}

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新初段シリーズ The Shinshodan Series
Kawai Whaddaya mean you came to tell us you made it to the pros?! We already know that!
Kawai Why didn't ya come sonner?! After all, you owe it all to me!
Shindou Hikaru Why do I owe it all to you, Mr. Kawai?!
patron That kid passed the pro exam?
Doumoto You never met Shindo, huh?
Doumoto He came to play here almost every day during his summer break.
Kawai You saying you don't owe me?!
Shindou Hikaru You don't get to take all the credit, Mr. Kawai!
Dougenzaka master The results of the pro test were announced in Go Weekly a few issues back. Ah, here it is...
Dougenzaka master See?
patron Hmm... Shindo Hikaru?
Kawai When you win your first title match, here's what you say—"Everything I am today, I owe to Mr. Kawai!"
Shindou Hikaru You're crazy!
patron Title match, eh? Why don't you be like Toya Meijin and snag four titles.
Soga It'll be five for him soon.
Shindou Hikaru Toya Meijin's going to win another title?
Soga If he keeps his lead in the Oza series, he will.
patron He's already won the first two games. It's looking pretty good for him!
Shindou Hikaru How many more games does he have to win to get the Oza title?
Kawai It's a five-game series, so three games nabs him the title.
patron But at the same time, he's defending his Tengen title. Toya Meijin's a busy man!
Shindou Hikaru The Tengen series? Is that a title too?
patron Guess the boy's still got a lot to learn before he becomes a title holder himself.
patron Did this kid really make it to the pros?
Kawai You, you...
Kawai Don't you be an embarrassment to me!
Shindou Hikaru This has nothing to do with you, Mr. Kawai!
Dougenzaka master Here you go...
Dougenzaka master Read over these old issues og Go Weekly. That'll teach you something about the world of go.
Shindou Hikaru Hey, there's Akira's dad!
Shindou Hikaru It's the first game of the Oza series! And here's the game record!
Shindou Hikaru He's playing against Zama Oza. He must be the current title holder.
Fujiwara no Sai Hikaru, only part of the game is recorded here...
Shindou Hikaru The rest is on the back.
Shindou Hikaru And this is...
Shindou Hikaru The first game of the Tengen series. Toya Meijin is the title holder and Ichiryu Kisei is challenging him for it.
Shindou Hikaru Hmm...
Shindou Hikaru Here...
Shindou Hikaru Hey, Akira's dad is on this one too.
Fujiwara no Sai ...
Fujiwara no Sai Turn the page, Hikaru!
Shindou Hikaru Hmm... Toya Meijin takes home six straight wins.
Shindou Hikaru I guess he must be pretty good after all.
Shindou Hikaru What else is in here?
Fujiwara no Sai Hikaru! Don't toss it down on the page I'm looking at!
Shindou Hikaru Sor-ry!
Shindou Hikaru The dates skip around with the rest of these.
Shindou Hikaru This is from August, and this is from May.
Shindou Hikaru The one of the bottom's from January!
Shindou Hikaru That's pretty far back.
Shindou Hikaru Hey...
Shindou Hikaru It's Akira! And Zama Oza's standing next to him.
Shindou Hikaru Oh, it's the Shinshodan Series.
Fujiwara no Sai Hikaru! Turn the page!
Shindou Hikaru Here!
Shindou Hikaru It's that game we all watched on the monitor.
Shindou Hikaru It snowed that day.
Shindou Hikaru The Shinshodan Series...I almost forgot about it.
Shindou Hikaru I'm getting psyched!
Fujiwara no Sai Hikaru, let me see that one too!
Shindou Hikaru .....
Shindou Hikaru This is the game where my career is going to begin...
Shindou Hikaru At the beginning of the new year...
Shindou Hikaru ...The new year.
Amano Thank you for granting an interview so early in the year.
Amano What with acquiring your fifth title and all, you'll both be very busy this year.
Amano Isn't that right, Akira?
Amano It's too bad your winning streak stopped at 26 games at the end of last year.
Amano But we're expecting great things from you this year.
Touya Akira I'll do my best.
Amano I suppose I better let you go.
Amano Thank you for your time.
Touya Kouyou Amano...
Amano Yes?
Touya Kouyou About that series that sets up the new rookie pros against the top veterans...
Amano You mean the Shinshodan Series?
Amano Will you be participating this year, sir?
Amano You were too busy to participate last year or the year before.
Amano We didn't think we should even ask you about it this year.
Touya Kouyou If I may, I'd like to request a specific competitor.
Touya Akira !
Touya Kouyou I haven't seen him in two years.
Touya Kouyou But now he's finally come to us...
Shindou Hikaru I get it...
Shindou Hikaru That basically shuts down my counterattack.
Shindou Hikaru Sai...
Shindou Hikaru You've got this scary expression on your face lately...
Shindou Hikaru By the way, if I don't clean up these newspapers, my mom's gonna kill me.
Shindou Hikaru I know you can't read them if they aren't spread out like this, but...
Fujiwara no Sai That's fine. You may gather them together.
Fujiwara no Sai I've already memorized that man's games—the ones recorded on those papers.
Shindou Hikaru .....
Shindou Hikaru Oh, that's right. Mom's out shopping.
Shindou Hikaru Shindo residence.
Shindou Hikaru Uh...
Shindou Hikaru Yeah.
Shindou Hikaru The Shinshodan Series?
Shindou Hikaru Yeah, I know.
Shindou Hikaru Right. So who will I be playing?
Shindou Hikaru Toya Meijin?!
Shindou Hikaru Yes, I understand.
Shindou Hikaru Okay.
Shindou Hikaru Right.
Shindou Hikaru Did you hear that, Sai?!
Shindou Hikaru I get to play against Toya Meijin!
Shindou Hikaru You know—in the Shinshodan Series.
Shindou Hikaru Remember last year? We watched Toya play Zama Oza.
Shindou Hikaru Hey!
Shindou Hikaru I wonder if Akira will watch.
Shindou Hikaru He'll be there for sure!
Shindou Hikaru All right! I'm gonna show him how storng a player I've gotten to be!
Fujiwara no Sai Hikaru...
Shindou Hikaru Huh?
Fujiwara no Sai Please allow me to play against him.