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*[ Dreamwidth]
*[ Dreamwidth]
==[[Project:To do|To Do]]==
{{Project:To do}}
{{Project:To do}}

Latest revision as of 18:11, 10 November 2015

Go Diagrams

  • Go diagrams test page
  • Figure out implementation, then ask permission. If denied, restrict to logged-in users (i.e., me)
  • Add yes/no flag to game template so not all listed games automatically have game links
  • Link format: "Game: WHITE vs. BLACK (Manga: Game 001)"; automatically generated links from subsequent chapters/episodes redirect to initial link, which contains the game information

Implementation Options

  • Possible to write MedaWiki extension with Eidogo implementation? Seems the nicest so far.
  • Currently using godiag, which has a pretty awful extension implementation and could be massaged a bit to bring it more in line with best practicises
  • There's also Wikipedia's implementation with manually-added SGF

MediaWiki Updates

  • Collapsible tables: update implementation to mw-collapsible collapsible elements
  • MultiCategory Search & derivatives

Active Priorities

  • Memories page
  • Episode-per-minute animated images
  • Secret games links & public game links
  • Background music per episode
  • Add redirects for gorgeous numbers
  • Update pro exam template and add info for current win/loss counts
  • Beverages purchased from vending machines
  • Five shirts
  • Characters who use fans
  • Fashion brands worn by characters
  • Manga transcripts (original)
  • Templates documentation project
  • Anime transcripts (Viz)

Unsorted Priorities

  • Pro exam preliminaries (2000)
  • Video games
  • V-Jump guides
  • Upload & link to games
  • Add redirects for all Japanese location names
  • End of series tournament statuses & known obligations (e.g. study groups)


  • Add kifu information to specific books & comparison charts


  • Countries; can include professional associations, cities, citizens, and discuss go in that country (including amateur)
  • Categorize locations with cities so that cities can transclude category to list all locations in city
  • Categorize category categories, as well as article categories
  • Don't forget to categorize Tokyo's wards as well!
  • Google Maps & Google Street View! See Kansai Ki-in for proof of concept
  • "Headshot" equivalent for locations
  • Categorize locations (hotels, title match venues, seminar/festival venues)
  • put things like nearest train stations on locations
  • Links to good information about Tokyo (Google Maps, train maps, train trip planner, airport & train information), Beijing, Seoul, Osaka?


  • Second sweep through manga for names; better note referenced names & cap paper people in textboxes/charts if no headshot available (forms of address includes rank)
  • Targeted deep read to footnote all data provided in infoboxes (not covered by second sweep)
  • Paper people sinks: Chapter 106
  • Tag family relations


  • Redo all tournaments to show data for 2002, then include dated modifications in subsections.
  • China Weiqi League
  • Prioritize NHK Cup, since it contributes to NEC Cup
  • Gosei, Juudan, Women's Titles, other titles overhaul based on NK tourney charts
  • Yuugen no Ma. Mention Nobel Prize-winning calligrapher who did the 「深奥幽玄」
  • Go equipment (measurements, why aren't goban square, why aren't black stones and white stones the same size, materials used, etc)
  • Terminology (spreadsheet of terms/romanizations, link to godic (preferred) or Sensei's Library)
  • International differences in kifu notation
  • Kisei venues, other title venues
  • Offsite, but maybe figure out a good page to stash it on for general interest: tournament makeup (age, gender, dan, years pro) [start with 2002, expand to 1998 through 2008 as time allows]
  • After transcripts are done, match terms to examples in the manga


  • Summaries; do during reread (Resume at Game 8)
  • Timeline (manual, not transcluded) (can only be done after chapters/episodes are bulletpointed)
  • Detailed synopses



  • Add tankoubon adaptation information for: Tianjin Renmin Meishu, Italian, Panini Comics, Korean, Daiwon CI, Indonesian, Elex Media Komputindo, NationGroup, Daran Comics, Tong Li Comics, Culturecom, Chuang Yi, Editora JBC



  • Standardize MSRP to either pre- or post-tax


Bonus Information

  • International licensing
  • Umezawa-sensei's career
  • Non-lore-contributing licensed goods such as trading cards
  • World of professional shogi